Application to control the computer with your voice


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E-speaking is a tool you must try to start working with voice commands, the future of IT.

With this application you can control your computer by just saying certain words that will be interpreted by the program.

Like this, thanks to e-speaking you will be able to do more than 100 actions with your voice: open, copy, move, delete a file, write a document, check your e-mail, etc.

Another interesting function is dictation. E-speaking is prepared to transcribe the information you indicate. But one thing, you will have to learn the specific voice commands for this like ’Start Dictation’, ’New Paragraph’ or ’End of Line’.

It´s a pity the commands are only in English, so people who don´t speak it will have to get used to pronouncing this language correctly to be able to work with this program.

To be able to use this application you must download the Microsoft Speech Application Program Interface, better known as SAPI. Click here for more information.

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